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Old Timers Team Tournament



It’s always a thrill to meet each year with the bowlers, new and “old” (if you’ll excuse the pun), at the annual Old Timers Bowling Tournament currently held at AMF 20th Century Lanes in Portland, OR.

Maude Ballard graduated (retired) from the Old Timers at the age of 98, back in 2010, but that didn’t stop her from visiting and, in 2012, she celebrated her 100th birthday at the tournament. Three birthday cakes were decorated with one huge bowling pin and two bowling balls representing the centennial celebration. Norm Ballard, a mere 82 at the time, had special bowling shirts made for his team, “Maude’s Crew”, to recognize the remarkable woman who was his mother.

This year, on March 6, 2014, Maude celebrated her 102nd birthday with many of her friends from past years. One of those being Drew Carney who shared a live telecast of Maude and her son Norm Ballard at the “active” retirement complex where she now lives. Champagne was the beverage of the occasion and a couple of toasts were in order honoring Maude.

I attended the affair with camera in hand and snapped a couple of photos commemorating the event.

Debbie Deane